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Tax Preparation

The A2Z Difference

What many business owners do not realize is that the success of their enterprises often depends on their bookkeeping and accounting services. Well-kept and up-to-date books will tell you if your company is thriving or struggling to get by. A2Z Income Tax offers our bookkeeping services so that you can continue to focus on your business without worrying if all the numbers add up.

Affordable Tax Preparation for Back Taxes

If you failed to file or failed to pay in full for any tax year, you are certain to owe back taxes. Back taxes are a serious matter. You may end up owing the IRS in fees, penalties, and more. We can help minimize the financial burden and assure the best outcome for all our clients. Our tax preparation can help you reduce any back taxes you may owe. We can also help by working with the IRS on your behalf to set up a manageable payment schedule.

Affordable Tax Preparation for Individuals and Families

Whether filling out the short form or needing assistance with multiple expenses and deductions, we can help answer your questions. We also help clients fill out tax forms correctly, and ensure the best tax refund outcome possible. Some of our tax preparation services include:

  • Tax Preparation for people who are single, married, married and filing separately, divorced, seniors, retirees, and more.

  • Handling of itemized deductions such as the Earned Income Tax Credit, Home Mortgage Interest, charitable donations, income taxes already paid, real estate taxes, medical expenses, student loan interest, job hunting costs, mileage, and many more.

  • Tax preparation to ensure all individuals and families are compliant with the Affordable Healthcare Act.

  • Tax preparation for active and non-active members of the U.S. Armed Forces and veterans who may be eligible for many exemptions including combat pay, moving expenses, home sale, and more.

  • Refile tax preparation for those who paid too much in year prior. With up to an estimated $5 billion overpaid in taxes every year, we can help determine if you have filed your taxes in error.

Affordable Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

If you are self-employed, the owner of a small corporation, any other type of small business, it is essential to file early and accurately. There are many items to consider when filing your business taxes. These include expenses, deductions, fees, franchise issues, and much more. A few of our tax preparation services include:

  • Tax preparation for those with one or more income properties.

  • Independent contractors/self employed.

  • Help with forms 940, 941 or 944 for small businesses.

  • Those starting or closing a business.

  • Employment taxes.

Affordable Tax Preparation for Audit

Have you received an audit notice or other letter from the IRS claiming problems with your tax return? Contact our tax professionals immediately. Tax returns are often audited because information was entered incorrectly or there is a difference in the tax forms sent to the IRS by a bank, employer, etc. Audits can happen when the IRS believes exemptions or deductions are too high in relation to income and are not to be taken lightly.

A2Z Income Tax, Inc.

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Tax Preparation

Business Support Services

Our team of certified professionals will provide you and your business with the support and service it deserves. 

We provide comprehensive planning and tax preparation services to individuals, and businesses. 

Managing a business is tough, and we get that. Allow our team to focus on details so you can focus on the growth.

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